Federação das sociedades independentes de cyber ciência, tecnologia e engenharia, cybercultistas e tecnocráticas, da América Latina.

República SIGMA

República SIGMA was a cybernetic society that brought together, since August 18, 2017, people with countless talents and skills, proficient from all over the world, mainly from Latin America, who came together through Discord. This society was functionally ended on May 1, 2019, when the company Discord hijacked the server after a succession of conflicts over the platform’s guidelines, causing an exodus of its components to other groups and communities.

In the course of the following events, after a series of political clashes over what the Republica SIGMA was, the conclusion was reached that the group was no longer what it originally was, therefore, it could not be succeeded by any other front. From then on, the SIGMA Federation absorbed the bankruptcy estate of the Republica SIGMA, and transferred its rights and responsibilities to the technological consortium SIGMA Technology Group, which assumed control of all the assets of the Republica SIGMA. After the transfer, the decision-making center of the SIGMA Federation decreed the definitive end of the Republica SIGMA, ending its existential cycle once and for all.

Currently the name Republica SIGMA, its brand, its logos, its projects, its arts, its software as well as other products and all its remaining bankrupt assets are under the ownership of the SIGMA Federation, an organization that succeeds not the Republica SIGMA but its entity. Part of the Republica SIGMA’s activities remain through the SIGMA Technology Group, a group initially conceived within the Republica SIGMA to separate the development of its own software from the rest of the Republica SIGMA’s environment.

If you came here looking for GTA Brasil, go to its official page. GTA Brasil was a project developed in partnership with República SIGMA during some time, being mainly responsible for the probably most iconic feat of this project: the original squares on the drain channel. There is a publication in this site telling the whole history of GTA Brasil and its involvement with the República SIGMA, however this publication is actually restricted due to it expose too many information about everyone and everything. Most of related persons are no in any way related to SIGMA.

If you are looking for other works authored by the part of the same guy, know the project Heaven Roleplay. This project is too led by Raphael Papini, a key person always ahead and behind of some hot stuff. Or you can stalk Eduardo Jacob Tasso, who used to work in some games recently, including a Godot-powered game. They both were administrators at República SIGMA. Papini handled the development and Jacobi handled the communications and the human relationships. There is other ones, like Ivys Sousa, probably the most profficient CAD artist that the brazilian GTA modding scene faced.

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