Federação das sociedades independentes de cyber ciência, tecnologia e engenharia, cybercultistas e tecnocráticas, da América Latina.

SIGMA Technology Group

SIGMA Technology Group (aka tech group) was the main combined R&D arm of the SIGMA Federation. Its foundation is publicly dated August 21, 2017, three days after the founding of the Republica SIGMA. This department was responsible for, through field research in the Republica SIGMA, finding ways to and then developing interactive entertainment software, as well as carrying out other SIGMA projects in fields beyond the limits of vision of the members of the Republica SIGMA.

For much of the time, the SIGMA Technology Group acted as a shadow in the Republica SIGMA, when it published in the latter’s name, only appearing definitively after the dissolution of the Republica SIGMA.

After restructuring the SIGMA Federation, the SIGMA Technology Group was divided into a bipartition composed of Scitech, the research arm, and Engitech, the development arm. Sometimes, these departments still use the name SIGMA Tecnology Group, mainly in work initiated under this label, such as Qwadro.

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