Federação das sociedades independentes de cyber ciência, tecnologia e engenharia, cybercultistas e tecnocráticas, da América Latina.


Contraction for SIGMA/Science In Technology, Scitech is the main research arm of the SIGMA Federation. This division is reminiscent of the bipartition of the SIGMA Technology Group in parallel to Engitech, the main development arm of the SIGMA Federation. Scitech was designated to carry out the research, studies and knowledge accumulation of the SIGMA Technology Group, which was a combined R&D arm founded in 2017.


Scitech promotes important studies for the use and evolution of protocols, applications, architectures and technologies of tomorrow. It was formed to research and aggregate any and all types of information in the field of information technology and telecommunications, with the aim of increasing the awareness, interest, capacity and participation of the SIGMA Federation audience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Scitech’s work is carried out in research groups. These boards work on topics related to protocols, applications, architectures and technologies. All participation is made in the form of an individual contribution, even if by federated entities or by entities representing other organizations.

Scitech is also a contributor to the maintenance and preservation of the functioning and understanding of the Archivo Federal collection. It is also an auditor for subsidies and benefits offered by the SIGMA Federation to support students and researchers in attending meetings, workshops and other events.

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