Depth and Stencil Operations

Atualizado em 2023/10/21
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Pipeline state controlling the depth bounds tests, stencil test, and depth test is specified through the members of the afxPipelineDepthConfig structure.

The afxPipelineDepthConfig structure is defined as:

    afxBool depthTestEnabled; /// controls whether depth testing is enabled.
    afxBool depthWriteEnabled; /// controls whether depth writes are enabled when depthTestEnabled is TRUE.
    afxCompareOp depthCompareOp; /// is a value specifying the comparison operator to use in the Depth Comparison step of the depth test.
    afxBool depthBoundsTestEnable; /// controls whether depth bounds testing is enabled.
    afxV2d depthBounds; /// is the minimum and maximum depth bounds used in the depth bounds test. [ min, max ]
    afxBool stencilTestEnabled; /// controls whether stencil testing is enabled.
    afxStencilOpState front; /// values controlling the stencil test on front face.
    afxStencilOpState back; /// values controlling the stencil test on back face.
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